Grouping Learners in Math Workshop

Teaching Maths in a workshop model offers great opportunities and constraints for both the facilitator and the participants. Identifying learner behavior is one such challenge and catering to their specific needs is even more challenging. One of the strategies that can be taken by the facilitator is to group learner without them identifying the criteria of grouping. This should be so much embedded into the design of the workshop that it either becomes part of some game or an activity. If such an activity cannot be designed, a pre-assessment can go a long way in grouping students according to their potential. Few Points that needs to be taken care for are:

  • It is possible only in a multi-facilitator workshops.
  • The grouping must change from session to session based on the different types of grouping done. For example, type I grouping can be based on previous knowledge while the other type of grouping can be based on their social behavior.
  • Each group must be mentored in a specific way as per the grouping strategy.


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