Do we educate to be free?

This question does not lose significance ever. This has been asked over and over again and there have been many answers that have given and are still been given. Before we try even  tentatively to answer this, lets try and first be very clear as to why are we even asking this question. Another thing that becomes important is to see, wether the question has rightly been understood. I believe that the two things are not very different. In fact we cannot draw a line which shows that this is relatively more important or that is more important. Our reason for knowing the answer or the seriousness of seeing the question.

The very idea of importance shows a division. The division of what we want and what exists but we don’t want. So lets not create this division and straightaway look at the question itself without denying relevance and attention to the other related things. 

Why do we educate?

And what do we in the first place mean by education. I will not try and point out what has already been said in terms of the instrumental aims and the more spiritual or holistic aims of healthy mind and body and for some healthy soul. 

What I want to point is the way this above answer or enquiry in the first place has created a division. The division between the mind, the body, the soul. Have we really gone into the question deep enough? Do we see that there is actually a division or we have been told innumerable times so our mind has got accustomed to it. So accustomed that now the moment we say something it tries to interpret and create labels to hide the fact that we don’t know. Or conceal and cloud the very perception of what is. Is there actually a division? 

Krishnamurti has tried to answer this in many of his talks or rather discussions. He contends that the division is not real and the thought which operates always from past tries to possess the reality and that which is. So what is it? 

Has our education ever tried to answer this. There have been philosophies, the existentialist, the naturalist, the Platonism,etc. But have we seen this rightly and alertly. All the answers given in this moment will be conditioned. So can we sincerely look at it. Not as professionals, not as academician, the expert, or a reformer, but as an enquirer. As an innocence which is not ignorant. 

Whatever answer we can conceive right now 

will still be within the ambit of thought and the thought is never fresh or authentic. So if we see this, and see it totally, absolutely, then we for the first time see that which is. It cant be expressed or put into words. The words limit the very perception an make and ideology or concept out of it. These concepts though give us some temporary security are not real. So the security also is imagined and hence false. 

We see this in all our relations, with the mother, the brother, the wife, the lover, and at a more glorified stage the world. The very security that we seek is not there and then it disturbs us all the more. The thought is so powerful or apparantly so powerful that it again creates some utopia and gives a false illusion of security. Wether it be the god, the new lover, the new relation, some different place, a new job, a new engagement. But do we who is still the same, the same timid and insecure being see that the basis of the security is always false. Be it external in the form of new relations, people, or be it in the internal convictions and beliefs. 

So how can we be free of it? And is the freedom from this absolute? Can it be absolute? 

Should education which is not only restricted to the spaces like school or college, try and engage one with this. Is this not what we always looking. The eternal and more profound security. The security which does not deny the reality but rather sees it. Sees it totall. In the totality is acceptance which is not imagined or imposed. It comes so naturally that it does leave any footprint. We cant say that i accept. It is just the acceptance. Nobody to accept but just the quality. Is this the true place to start with. 

Can education make us free? 

Not the freedom of movement which is important though, but the freedom from the me. My idiosyncrasies, my idea, my world, my ambitions, my wife. Can we be free of it.

There is no answer as there is no one to answer but just the enquirer, which is also not true. So is it just the enquiry with no content and no subject. 

Is this the true freedom. Lets find out.

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