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Admissions open for Summer

Arc Math is a team of dynamic and sincere educators and mathematicians who aim to develop a love for math. It is led by Sanjay Raghav, who is a student of MSc. Mathematics education and is a part of universities and schools like Mother’s and bluebells. Come and be a part of our summer camp […]


Assessment through a three facilitator model

Assessment is one of the most challenging task in any form of facilitation and it becomes even more difficult in a workshop model. Workshop offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. Till the interaction with the learner is continuous and comprehensive, even the remedies or steps taken by facilitator will be fruitless. Hence I will […]

Grouping Learners in Math Workshop

Teaching Maths in a workshop model offers great opportunities and constraints for both the facilitator and the participants. Identifying learner behavior is one such challenge and catering to their specific needs is even more challenging. One of the strategies that can be taken by the facilitator is to group learner without them identifying the criteria […]

How to Think like a Mathematician?

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow do great ideas take form? How does one think and develop great concepts? And above all, how do some people are able to think in an abstract manner while others are not? We have a perception that one needs to be a genius, great scientist or a mathematician to develop great ideas. What we […]