Assessment through a three facilitator model

Assessment is one of the most challenging task in any form of facilitation and it becomes even more difficult in a workshop model. Workshop offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. Till the interaction with the learner is continuous and comprehensive, even the remedies or steps taken by facilitator will be fruitless. Hence I will discuss a unique model by which, the concept of CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) can be utilised to its optimum.

The approach towards this problem is actually utilising the strength of workshop format of learning. Classroom learning in schools is generally constrained by a single teacher burden with many tasks of facilitating the learning process, evaluating the learner, create a comfortable learning environment and many others. But in workshop model, there is no constraint on the single facilitator. We believe in the 3 facilitator workshop (Lead Facilitator, Support Facilitator, Impact Assessor)  in which there is a division of various roles and responsibilities :

  1. The Lead facilitator is one who is directly involved in content delivery and conceptual understanding of the learner. The complete design, methodology, and delivery is the major responsibility of the Lead Facilitator. 
  2. The Support Facilitator is one who is the walk around person during the session. They are part of the learner surrounding and usually sit with the crowd. Based on the preassessment, they involve with the various group (For more on How to Group Learners) of learners to help them in their specific area of improvements and cognitive development. The support facilitator work as the backbone of the learning process.
  3. The Impact Assessor continuously evaluates and assesses learners behaviour, social and cultural responses. They act as a direct source of information for the support facilitator.

Such a model would solve the challenges of execution of CCE and help in the decision making process as the workshop proceeds from session to session.


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