Mathematics is about understanding the world better.


We often see people say that I was not good at math or my child is not good at math. But we suggest you pause and think, are we sure. Is that s(he) is not good in math or s(he) has some problem with a particular topic and is fine with the rest.


While teaching for the competitive exams like Aryabhatta and Ramanujam, we realized that there is a huge potential to stimulate the child’s brain if s(he) is challenged enough.


We believe that every program that we undertake must connect to school. By school, we mean the syllabus, the tests, the exams and the daily work. This program is conventionally the regular teaching of the syllabus done in school.

Children should pose and solve meaningful problems.

Children see mathematics as something to talk about, to communicate through, to discuss among themselves, to work together on.! – (NCF 2005)


Math Pedagogy System

Our classes are based on a unique approach called the Math Pedagogy System(MPS). It is a set of an end to end strategies and designs to teach mathematics. MPS is based on national and international research done in the area of mathematics and has its inspiration from NCF’s vision for school mathematics. Three of its main components are:

      Learner: the child

      Teaching Strategies


“The objective of MPS is to help the children achieve the highest form of learnings ie. 1. Remember 2. Understand        3. Apply 4. Analyze 5. Evaluate and 6. Create as per Bloom’s Taxonomy”

  • Comprehensive Math Profile (CMP)

    Students profile is a complete picture of their progress in particular topics, their learning preferences, strengths, challenges, etc.

  • Child Centered Learning

    Children learn by doing and they are active learners constructing their knowledge continuously. Teacher’s role is to guide and facilitate the learning process.

  • Innovative Teaching Strategies

    Teaching strategies includes problem solving, hands-on learning, gamification, real world experiences, concept games, etc which enriches student’s learning.

  • Conceptual Understanding

    Students should be able to see a holistic picture of a concept and interlink various concepts. This enhances their ability to use their existing knowledge to new situations.

  • Problem Solving Approach (PSA)

    The approach engages students in doing mathematics in which they create, form conjecture, explore, test, and verify a problem. It develops their creativity, persistence, and prepare them for real-life challenges.

We help our children develop the love for mathematics and excel in solving problems of day to day life!

If you can’t solve a problem, then there is an easier problem you can solve: find it. – George Pólya


These are highly advanced Math training which focuses on developing skills and approaches to take serious math challenges. This is very useful for Aryabhatta, Ramanujan, Olympiad and many National and International competitions.

The Arc Math team lead by Mathematics Educators has worked with students of 20+ schools developing advanced skills in mathematics.


Level 1: Beginner

Ideal for students of Grade 3 and 4. Here we develop different ways of solving problems and focus in depth on numbers, number operations, spatial reasoning, logical understanding.

Level 2: Apprentice

Ideal for Grade 5-6 Students. Extensive work with Geometry, Numbers, Problem Solving, Analytics, and Reasoning.

Level 3: Master

Ideal for sincere international aspirants (Grade 7-8). This follows the Russian approach to tackle advanced problems. This involves developing the skills and expertise to deal with the more advanced olympiad problems.


What our student and parent say…

Amreesh Datta

Brilliant way of getting the kids involved & interested in Maths. Kids look forward to the classes and are not scared of the subject. Arc Math team is doing a fantastic job.

Amreesh DattaParent

Sir, I love Maths and Arc MAth is just the place for me. You scold me but just for my good. You teach others and me so brilliantly. The name is so cool and I love how you teach. The place is so good and I have learned a lot from you.

ChiraagStudent, Grade 5
Kuldeep Yadav

Aashita enjoys coming here, I found she is now able to conceptualize the numbers.

Kuldeep Yadav Parent
Varenyam Singh

I have learned many new concepts with great clarity.Even when I am in grade 6, I have learned grade 10 concepts easily.  Thanks to Arc Math.

Varenyam SinghStudent, Grade 6

Have any Questions (FAQ’s)?

How many classes do you offer in a week?

We have 2-3 classes in a week depending on the grade.

Do you have more centres across Delhi?

Presently, we are only located in Greater Kailash 2.

Which grades can be enrolled?

We deal with students from grade 1 to 10.

Will my child get high marks in math?

We focus more on conceptual clarity among children rather than scoring high marks. The child’s performance will gradually improve once the concepts are clear.

My child is already getting good grades, should I consider Arc Math?

We provide individualized instruction which will help your child advance and succeed. In fact, many students study above their grade level. Advanced students are introduced to new concepts earlier than at school, so they can experience the advantage of learning new material ahead of their peers.

Will you work on children’s school curriculum?

Our classes go much beyond the school curriculum. We provide learning experiences to children which will enhance students’ learning in school.

How do I enrol for Arc Math class?

You can enroll online or visit Arc Math Centre.

Isn’t my child too young in grade 2 to get enrolled in Arc Math?

Research shows that children start constructing knowledge as early as 1 year old. We just help them build a mathematical understanding of the world around.

How is it different from Abacus, Vedic math and similar programs?

We focus on conceptual understanding rather than learning tricks and tactics to solve questions quickly.

Do you provide one-on-one class?

No, but our teacher to student ratio ensures that every child’s need is taken care of and no child is left behind.

Will my child enjoy the classes?

Yes, definitely. Students at Arc Math enjoy the classes as lessons are meaningfully designed around activity-based learning.

Can I track progress of my child?

You will get a monthly progress report on your child’s learning. Otherwise, you may directly contact your child’s teacher.

What kind of LEARNER are you?

How do you prefer to LEARN?

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